Tooth Extraction

Extractions in Beverly Hills, CA

There’s nothing like a healthy, natural smile. People tend to remember a full, confident grin. But sometimes, dental trauma, disease, or other problems cause severe damage or decay. Tooth extraction is often the most effective way to safeguard your oral health when the damage is beyond repair. So, if you are experiencing a persistent toothache, pulp infection, or impacted wisdom teeth, call The Art Of Dental Wellness. Our team performs gentle tooth extractions in Beverly Hills all the time.

Types of Dental Extractions

We perform two types of tooth removal, simple and surgical dental procedures. For fully erupted teeth that are easily accessible, Dr. Hill uses simple extraction. Typically, surgical removal requires an incision into the gums to extract the tooth. More complex oral surgeries are done under local anesthesia. Both simple and surgical procedures are explained below. Feel free to call us with further questions.

Simple Tooth Removal

If the impaired tooth is visible in the oral cavity, your dentist will pry it out of the socket. We complete this simple process using a local anesthetic to eliminate pain and numb the treatment area.

Dr. Hill uses special tools to lift the tooth (elevator) and grasp the crown (forceps). This dental equipment allows us to loosen the tooth and gently pull it out of the socket.

Surgical Extractions in Beverly Hills, CA

We may need to surgically remove a tooth if it’s impacted or otherwise tricky (or impossible) to pull out. It might be partially erupted, broken below the gum line, or not cut through the gum.

In these cases, we must gain access to the tooth by cutting through the surrounding connective tissue. This means the gum tissue covering the tooth is lifted, or some of the nearby bone is removed to extract the tooth. At times the tooth must be broken into several pieces to get it out.

Restore Your Healthy Smile

Regardless of which procedure you need, we will always focus on restoring your oral health. So, rest assured, it will be done if Dr. Hill can save your tooth. But in cases where the damaged tooth is beyond repair or can cause further harm to your surrounding teeth, we recommend extraction.