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Does IV Sedation Only Help If You Are Experiencing Dental Anxiety?

February 1, 2022

Does IV Sedation Only Help If You Are Experiencing Dental Anxiety?

Do you shy away from going to the dentist near you? Do you avoid dental care due to intense anxiety? Well, did you have any idea that dental anxiety is one of the well-known common phobias in the world? However, delaying or avoiding oral healthcare may cause consequences. Sedation or anesthesia can help you in calming stress.

If you're living with dental issues or missing out on routine dental care due to anxiety or fear, IV sedation dentistry may be the suitable solution for you. It helps you keep up with your health regardless of your fear. Moreover, sedation can be used for everything – from complex techniques to simple tooth cleaning. To know more about sedation dental techniques can help, read below.

What Is IV Sedation Dentistry?

IV represents Intravenous Sedation, also known as MAC(Monitored Anesthesia Care). IV sedation is a procedure that permits your dentist or oral surgeon a sedative drug to be injected into the veins. It helps patients to relax and feel settled during treatment.

This type of sedation can be especially effective when a patient wants a few procedures at one visit or a single methodology that will take a long time. This means it is safe and effective for some patients to get dental treatment.

From the beginning of IV sedation treatment, the expert will converse with you and help you choose if IV sedation is right for your case. There are two kinds of IV or intravenous sedation used in dentistry. In some cases, people refer to it as “sleep” dentistry.

You stay conscious for the whole time and even respond to your dentist's questions. They will also carefully observe what you do in those hours. The dental professionals help you until the sedation wears off. While IV is an effective type of sedation, it is not one to be messed with.

IV sedation provides the following benefits to fearful patients:

  • It begins working rapidly, and you will have negligible to no pain during the methodology.
  • The painless dentists near you will monitor your vitals and effectively change the dose.
  • Patients can recover quickly and proceed with their daily schedule with IV sedation.
  • It creates a long period of amnesia. So, you will not remember the strategy at all when you get awake.
  • It permits you to take part for a longer time. Therefore, your dentist can perform different procedures with only one dental appointment.
  • IV sedation is considered very safe for most patients.

Who Needs IV Sedation Dentistry?

Patients consider IV sedation for dental procedures due to many reasons. However, it is a particularly effective solution for patients who experience the following:

  • Phobia of dental treatments
  • Trouble in getting numb
  • Delicate teeth or oral nerves
  • Complex dental problems
  • Fight to local sedatives
  • A smallmouth that hurts during dental work
  • General anxiety disorder
  • Gag reflex
  • Bad past dental experience

So, we can say they all are the best candidates for IV sedation dentistry. Call the dentist in 90210 and get IV sedation immediately if you spot any of the above-stated problems.

Uses of IV Sedation

For patients who are desperately scared of injections, going to the dentist or getting a wisdom tooth pulled or a root canal is distressing for them. Considering IV sedation is an ideal option to abandon fear and enjoy a healthy set of teeth.

When you neglect dental emergencies, loose or broken teeth and other issues arise. This puts your oral health in great danger. Besides this, the problems may turn out to be more complicated over the long haul, which could imply that you'll require more broad dental work later on.

Contact Us Now for Sedation and Say Bye-Bye to Your Fear

Dental fear and anxiety are the major problems that prevent people from getting dental care. Sedation techniques can help patients feel relaxed during their appointment. Furthermore, dental sedation allows the completion of various types of dental work on one go, for example, tooth extractions, root canal treatment, dental implantation, and more.

Do you have any inquiries or need to find out about IV sedation? Please visit The Art of Dental Wellness site or call the dental professionals today to schedule your sedation appointment.

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