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Restore a Gorgeous Smile

Partial and Full Dentures at The Art of Dental Wellness in Beverly Hills, CA

Whether your tooth loss results from disease, injury, or poor oral hygiene, you must replace them. Gaps in your smile cause the remaining teeth to shift out of place. Then it becomes difficult to bite, chew, or speak properly. Those spaces can even affect the facial structure as the muscles sag without support, and your jawbone is lost. As a result, you may appear older than your years. If you are looking for tooth replacement options, our partials and full dentures in Beverly Hills could be a good option. There is much to consider, and we are happy to help. So, don’t hesitate to contact The Art Of Dental Wellness.

Dentures Customized to You

What kind of dentures are available?

Because every situation is different, we draw from a variety of approaches to customize dentures that can be worn comfortably, restore a beautiful smile, and allow you to eat your favorite foods again. For example, we can place dental implants in the gums to fit dentures securely in your mouth for more natural-looking, permanent results. Bridgework may also be combined with these approaches if needed. We will assess your unique needs and provide guidance on selecting the best type of dentures for you.

What Are Complete Dentures?

Complete or full dentures are a set of custom-made prosthetics that replace missing teeth. An entire upper or lower arch must be missing or extracted to fit the flesh-colored plate. The removable dentures sit on the gums. Dr. Hill molds them to fit comfortably and snugly. So complete dentures function like natural teeth. Furthermore, modern false teeth are more natural-looking than ever.

Custom Dentures at The Art of Dental Wellness

If you are tired of living with gaps in your smile, contact The Art Of Dental Wellness now. We offer various tooth replacement methods and a wide selection of restorative and cosmetic dental treatments. We also offer the latest therapies to support healing, including the option of PRF therapy with any surgical procedure.

How Are Partial Dentures Different?

If you have two or more remaining healthy teeth, a partial may suit you perfectly. Partials consist of a plastic or acrylic gum-colored plate attached with a single tooth or multiple teeth. The base is the same as the one used for full dentures. Your denture dentist ensures that partials fit the top or bottom arch perfectly. As a complete set, partial dentures are removable. You will remove the plates before bed or clean them.

Beverly Hills partials & full dentures patient model resting her chin on her hand

The Benefits of Dentures

What can dentures do for me?

Missing teeth are more than just a cosmetic problem. They impact your entire mouth by allowing the remaining teeth to shift out of proper alignment. As a result, daily activities like eating and speaking may be impaired. Dentures have many benefits for your physical and mental health:

  • Improved appearance
  • Better function and comfort when eating
  • Increased confidence and better self-image
  • Fixes speech issues caused by missing teeth
  • Keeps your remaining teeth in their proper position
  • Prevents sagging in the face that makes you look older

Experienced Dentist in the Beverly Hills, CA Area

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Our friendly and knowledgeable team is happy to address any questions or concerns. We will help you determine the best way to restore your smile at the most reasonable cost. Our goal is to have you smiling brightly for the rest of your life! So, if you're interested in replacing your missing teeth with partials & full dentures Beverly Hills prosthodontic expert, Dr. Kerri Hill, can help you get you smiling again. Call or contact us today!

Creating the Perfect Fit

Denture Preparation and Procedure

The creation of the perfect dentures to fit your mouth involves a few steps. We will first discuss your goals for having dentures made. We will also perform a dental exam to assess the health of existing teeth and assess the best technique for making your dentures.

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Next, we take impressions of your mouth to aid in casting dentures that will fit seamlessly within your mouth and restore a natural bite. Once your dentures have been made from these impressions, we make adjustments to fine-tune their fit and appearance. If you choose to have implants to secure your dentures, your surgery will be performed in our modern and comfortable dental clinic. Local and general anesthesia will be administered so that you will not feel any pain with your procedure. If you are having implants placed to support your dentures, we also offer platelet-rich fibrin (PRF) injections to support the healing process after surgery. PRF is an innovative therapy that involves injecting a strong concentration of growth factors isolated from a sample of your blood into the surgery site. PRF treatment has been shown to be especially effective in promoting healing from dental procedures.

Caring for Your Restored Smile

Denture Results and Aftercare

We will give you directions for cleaning and caring for your dentures to keep them in good condition. It is important to maintain your overall mouth health to promote the best results. Full dentures need to be replaced every 5 to 10 years, with partial dentures typically lasting a bit longer. We are always on hand to answer questions or make needed adjustments after you receive your dentures. We are dedicated to helping you have a successful outcome and restoring better quality of life.

Recovering from Implant Surgery

If you have dentures secured by dental implants, you will need to have implant surgery while under anesthesia. Plan to have someone drive you home and follow all aftercare instructions. Depending on the number of implants needed, you will need between a few days and a week or more to recover.

Maintaining your dentures

If your dentures feel loose or ill-fitting in any way, contact us immediately for an adjustment. A good fit is essential for your comfort and to prevent irritation of your gums. Follow all provided instructions for cleaning your dentures and your mouth. Caring for your dentures and attending regular dental checkups with Beverly HIlls dentist, Dr. Kerri Hill, will ensure you have the best experience with your restored teeth.

Denture Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of dentures varies depending on your individual device and whether you are choosing implant-supported dentures. We will discuss pricing at your consultation.

Contact your dental insurance company to ask about coverage. Many plans will cover at least a percentage of the cost of your dentures. Call our helpful office staff to learn more about pricing.

Dental implants or implants with bridges are other options for restoring missing teeth. Dr. Hill will discuss the best options for your needs and budget with you at your consultation.

If you have implants placed to support your dentures, you will need to arrange for a ride home following your implant placement surgery.

Kerri Hill, DDS, offers a uniquely all-encompassing, patient-focused dental treatment experience in Beverly Hills. The expert behind some of Hollywood’s best smiles, Dr. Hill’s propensity for empathy and meticulous care allow her to make patients’ dreams a reality. Begin building your best smile with a comprehensive consultation at The Art of Dental Wellness.

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