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Oral Cancer Screenings // in Beverly Hills, CA //

While oral cancer doesn’t receive the same sense of urgency as other cancers, it can be equally fatal. In the United States, about one person dies every hour of this underestimated health threat. Although the percentage is small compared to more widely-known types of cancer, it still requires much attention. Since it is common to find oral cancer in the late stages, it is particularly deadly. By the time the condition has advanced, the survival odds are poor. Only six out of 10 patients will survive after five years of oral cancer treatment.

Mouth Cancer Screenings

The good news is there is a fast and easy way to determine if you have oral cancer. With early detection and intervention, you can improve your likelihood of survival by over 80 percent. That is why regular oral health checkups save lives. To make life easier for our patients, The Art Of Dental Wellness includes our Beverly Hills oral cancer screenings with routine cleanings and exams. There is nothing to fear; Dr. Hill performs these exams, and the process is quick and painless. Your oral cancer screening dentist looks for slight changes in the soft tissues inside the oral cavity and lips. If we discover anything abnormal, our dentist in Beverly Hills, CA, will extract a tissue sample and send it to an outside lab.

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You can expect to undergo a thorough oral cancer screening in Beverly Hills as part of your biannual checkup. So, this is an additional reason to regularly visit our dental clinic. Typically, a mouth cancer screening involves both a visual and a tactical examination. Dr. Hill will look for strange sores or red or white patches. They will manually pull your tongue aside to further check for lumps or swellings.

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So, if you notice anything new or suspicious inside your mouth and are in need of our oral cancer screening Beverly Hills dentist, Dr. Kerri Hill, will get you in to see us as soon as possible. Fortunately, most abnormalities are not cancerous, but some are malignant. Your best defense against oral cancer is early detection and treatment.

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