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Instant Vitality

IV Vitamin Drips at The Art of Dental Wellness in Beverly Hills

We are passionate about providing the latest health and wellness services to support your well-being. IV Vitamin Drips have become popular in recent years as a way to rapidly hydrate your body and replenish essential nutrients. Many people seek IV Vitamin Drips to feel better when recovering from a heavy workout, a demanding week at the office, or a late night out.

By delivering fluids, electrolytes, and other nutrients directly into your circulatory system, our Beverly Hills IV Vitamin Drips provides general wellness support any time you feel depleted. An IV Vitamin Drip can also benefit your complexion, hydrating your cells for naturally glowing skin.

Super-charge Your Health

What are IV Vitamin Drips?

You may have had an IV drip to deliver fluids and medications during a hospital stay or doctor’s visit, but did you know that IV fluids can also be used to promote general wellness? We offer a range of formulas containing blends of fluids, vitamins, and minerals specially designed to provide specific benefits while providing an overall boost to your system.

IV Vitamin Drips at The Art of Dental Wellness

At our dental office in Beverly Hills, we go beyond treating your symptoms, offering services that promote overall health and well-being. IV Vitamin Drips are an easy, effective, and straightforward way to help your body function at its best from the inside out.

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A Formula for You

What can IV Vitamin Drips do?

Whatever your interest in IV Vitamin Drips, we have a therapy to help you feel your very best. Feel free to ask us for help selecting the best Vitamin Drip for your needs.

Myers Cocktail - Multivitamin Formula

The famous “Myers Cocktail” – originally developed by Dr. John Myers in 1954 – contains a potent blend of B vitamins, vitamin C, magnesium, and calcium to restore and hydrate your bodily systems. This general-purpose drip is excellent for battling fatigue, combating migraines, recovering from a hangover, or correcting general nutritional deficiencies.


This formula is designed to increase your fluids to support whole-body health. Proper hydration increases the efficiency of every bodily system, improving circulation, regulating your temperature, lubricating joints, promoting optimal functioning of the organs, and helping remove waste and bacteria. Feel better and look better with the Hydration IV Vitamin Drip.


A busy schedule can wreak havoc on your diet, exercise, and sleep habits and sap your energy to perform even basic daily tasks. The Energy IV Vitamin Drip helps reset your energy levels with vitamins, minerals, and fluids that can boost your performance and combat fatigue.


Whether you’re burnt out from travel, sore from a demanding workout, or recovering from a late night out, you know when your body isn’t operating at peak levels. The Recovery formula hydrates and nourishes your body while speeding up metabolism and waste removal to help you feel like yourself again faster.


Vitamins that support cell turnover are paired with an infusion of fluids to help your skin look its best. The Cosmetic IV Vitamin Drip delivers instant nourishment and hydration that can help your skin look plumper, more toned, and healthier to give you your most glowing, beautiful complexion.

Customized Wellness Treatment


Call us to learn more about the benefits of our IV Vitamin Drips and get help selecting the best formula for you. Whether this is your first time getting an intravenous vitamin infusion or you are interested in regular visits to support optimal wellness, we are here to help. If you'd like to find out more about our IV Vitamin Drips Beverly Hills dentist, Dr. Kerri Hill can answer any questions you have during a consultation. Call us today!

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Unwind and Revitalize

IV Vitamin Drips Preparation and Procedure

There is no preparation needed for an IV drip. Your skin will be sterilized with alcohol before the IV catheter is carefully placed to deliver your selected Vitamin Drip formula directly into your bloodstream. You will feel a pinch when the needle is inserted but should experience no pain while the fluid is administered. Many people find this part of the procedure relaxing and use the time to read or check emails. You should begin to feel the hydrating effects of your IV drip almost immediately.

Instant Energy
for Your Day

IV Vitamin Drips Recovery, Results, and Aftercare

Your IV Vitamin Drip treatment will take about 45 minutes. Pressure will be applied as the needle is removed, and a bandage will be placed on the puncture site, which you can usually remove soon after returning home.

Because the IV directs fluids and essential nutrients directly into your bloodstream, you will begin to feel hydrated, energized, and rejuvenated right away. The injection site will heal within a couple of days, and there is no downtime required after your visit. Instead, you should feel refreshed and ready to get back to your day.

Maintaining your IV Vitamin Drip results

To reap the maximum benefits of an IV Vitamin Drip, ask us about scheduling regular visits. We can also recommend the best formula to meet your current needs.

IV Vitamin Drips Frequently Asked Questions

You will feel a brief pinch when your IV catheter is placed. After that, you will be able to sit back and relax while your Vitamin Drip is administered.

Call us to get the current cost of IV Vitamin Drips.

No. This minimally invasive procedure does not require anesthesia. You should feel energized and ready to return to your day after your visit.

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