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How To Choose Suitable Filling Materials For Your Tooth?

December 1, 2021

How To Choose Suitable Filling Materials For Your Tooth?

Do you think you need cavity dental fillings or repair damages to your teeth? Repairing the damages helps protect your teeth from additional damage. However, before deciding which dental filling material is suitable for your teeth, don't you think consulting The Art of Dental Wellness proves beneficial?

If you have cavities from tooth decay, it indicates you have caused permanent damage to your tooth by neglecting proper dental hygiene. In such cases, dentists use various materials available to fill the holes. It helps if you visit a cosmetic dentist in Beverly Hills to get dental fillings near you to discuss your situation and select the most suitable filling material for your teeth.

Which Types of Filling Would You like?

When trying to ascertain the best filling material for your tooth, you must factor in the cavity's location in your mouth, the extent of the decay, the cost of dental fillings, your insurance coverage, and the dentist's experience. Some of the most popular dental fillings currently provided include:

Gold Fillings

Gold fillings are non-corrosive and incredibly durable lasting for over 15 years or more. However, they are expensive and require a couple of visits to the dentist to have them in your tooth because they need customization in a dental laboratory.

Silver Amalgam Fillings

Silver amalgam fillings are durable and affordable and don't look aesthetic. However, if you want to avoid multiple dental visits or the added costs and need the filling on molars, you will find silver amalgam appealing.

Composite Resin Fillings

Composite resin fillings are tooth-colored and durable besides aesthetically pleasing. Dentists match composite resin fillings to the color of your tooth. However, these are more expensive than silver amalgam and are not durable.

Ceramic Fillings

Ceramic fillings are incredibly aesthetic and durable. However, these fillings are also expensive than silver amalgam and can wear the teeth in the opposite jaw when the porcelain roughens.

How Long Do Fillings Last?

If recommended dental fillings, it helps if you discuss your requirement with the provider near you to determine which material best suits your specific issue. You cannot afford to commit errors and select a filling material unsuitable for your teeth and aesthetic appearance.

For example, if you need a cavity dental filling on a front tooth, would you like to have silver amalgam fillings in the anterior region of your mouth? You would undoubtedly prefer ceramic fillings for their durability and aesthetic appearance if your budget allowed it. Similarly, although suitable, getting ceramic fillings for your molars is a waste of money because silver amalgam fillings are better suited for your back teeth.

If you don't need dental fillings for cavities but need to repair minor gaps between your teeth, the dentist recommends you use composite resin fillers for teeth gap filling. Dentists would never think of recommending silver amalgam or gold fillings for your front teeth. Therefore, the optimal option is to discuss the material best suited for your unique situation with your dentist instead of selecting dental fillings yourself.

What Material Is Best for Teeth Filling?

As discussed earlier, the damage to your tooth and various other factors determine which filling material is best suited for your teeth. In some cases, if your tooth has extensive damage without much tooth structure remaining, but you don't want an intensive procedure like dental crowns, the dentist recommends dental Onlays customized in a dental laboratory to restore your tooth. Dental Onlays are a suitable alternative for dental crowns because they do not require extensive tooth enamel removal before placement and last for nearly three decades with proper dental hygiene.

We recommend looking for dental fillings near you to talk to a dentist about your options. They are the experts in these matters and frequently fill cavities or repair damaged teeth for different patients. However, the wrong filling material can result in errors impacting your aesthetic appearance or require you to seek frequent replacements. Discuss the materials with the dentist and accept their expertise, especially if you want to avoid repeated dental visits and undergo the filling process sooner than expected. Accept the dentist's recommendation for savings and best results.

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