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What Are The Symptoms of Root Canal Infection?

May 1, 2022

What Are The Symptoms of Root Canal Infection?

Figuring whether your root canal needs to be treated is not easy. A wide variety of symptoms can indicate that you might need a dentist to perform a root canal. But in some instances, you might not be able to pick the subtle clues that your teeth leave, but an experienced dentist can quickly identify the less obvious signs of a root canal infection.

A root canal infection happens when the inner parts of the tooth are exposed to food and bacteria. The root canal contains blood vessels, connective tissue, and nerves. This explains why you would feel pain whenever your root canal is infected.

Let's check out some of the glaring signs that indicate your root canal is infected without further ado.

Root Canal Infection Symptoms

Determining whether you need to seek root canal surgery is tricky. Only when you meet with our dentist in Beverly Hills can you ascertain whether you need treatment or not.

In any case, here are some symptoms that you need to look out for when it comes to rooting canal infections:

Teeth PainInfected root canals always cause acute pain since the sensitive parts of the tooth are exposed. As mentioned earlier, the root canal consists of nerves and blood vessels. Therefore, when there is inflammation, the pain will be more intense and unbearable, and it must be treated promptly.

Even though tooth pain is a glaring sign of a root canal infection, it doesn't always mean that you need root canal treatment. Sometimes the tooth that needs root canal treatment might not be hurting.

Tooth pain can be caused by other conditions such as bruxism, periodontitis, exposed dentin, tooth decay, and tooth fracture. Therefore, we need to check for other signs to ascertain whether your root canal is infected.

  • Gum Sensitivity and Swelling

Gum swelling, tooth sensitivity, and even pain are common symptoms that show up whenever you have a root canal infection. However, these symptoms manifest in different ways. Sometimes, your gums can look normal, but you will notice that they are tender. On other occasions, you will notice a huge lump on your gums.

When the swelling lasts for an extended period or is very pronounced, you know that there is a high chance you need root canal therapy.

  • Bad Breath, Pus, or Abscess

When there is an infection in your mouth, you will have bad breath. If bacteria find their way into a root canal and begin to multiply, they always emit a bad odor.

You can also experience a sour or bad taste in the mouth, usually due to the presence of pus. Pus-filled pockets in the gums are a clear indication of an infection. When there is pus formation (also known as a dental abscess), it means that the infection has already spread.

Ensure you act promptly since the infection has a knack for spreading whenever it gets to this stage.

  • Tooth Discoloration

If you notice a tooth that has developed a dark yellow, gray, or blue tone, then there is a chance that your root canal is infected. The tooth has limited blood flow since the blood vessels have been affected.

Tooth discoloration is an indication that there is also a change in the nerve area. As the infection spreads, the nerve weakens and eventually dies.

Can an Old Root Canal Cause an Infection?

Yes, there is always the probability of getting an infection over time. This can arise because of several reasons, such as a filling decomposing. Sometimes, a bad dental restoration or a poorly fitting filling can cause bacteria to enter your root canal, leading to an infection.

If you don't care for your teeth as you need to each day, you might be setting yourself up for retreatment.

Root Canal Infection Treatment Options

If you are set to come for root canal treatment, you can expect the following treatments:

  • Endodontic Retreatment

Endodontic retreatment is very similar to root canal therapy. Our dentist performs it to save a root canal. The original filling material will be removed, and the root canal cleaned and resealed. You will come back for your permanent restoration at your next appointment.

  • Endodontic Surgery

Sometimes, our dentist in Beverly Hills may recommend that you undergo endodontic surgery as an alternative to endodontic retreatment. The surgery is performed to remove the infected tissue, and in certain cases, the tip of the root will be removed as well.

  • Tooth Extraction

When endodontic retreatment and root canal surgery are unsuccessful, removing your tooth is the only viable option.

Feel free to contact us at The Art of Dental Wellness if you are looking for root canal therapy.

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