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Welcome to the age of advanced technology! At the office of Beverly Hills dentist, Dr. Kerri Hill, she takes your dental experience and treatment to the next level. We are not the dental office you grew up with. Think about how far cellular phones have come in the past decade to the current day. Now, put that same evolution of technology and equipment into your dental experience and treatments.

We are a full-capacity advanced dental technology dental office equipped for all your dental aesthetic and surgical needs. Most offices have to rely on multiple outside service providers and laboratories to deliver your dental prosthesis (for example, dental crowns, nightguards, long-term temporaries), and it takes weeks to get back, but we can create most things in-house and allow you to have less downtime in between, most delivered the same day. Our Beverly Hills dental aesthetics technology offers convenience to our patients while providing us with the tools to provide our patients with optimal care and service.

Trios Scanner

The Trios Scanner is a revolutionary game changer for recording your mouth. You may or may not have experienced having a “dental impression” made with the gooey, messy, drippy, and gagging bulky material, resembling a thick pudding that sets up in your mouth over time. Instead, we use a highly specialized intraoral camera to scan your mouth. It also allows us to record your mouth as a digital file to use as a reference for before and after treatments. It’s easy and quick!

Sprint Ray 3D Printer

3D printers have captured the marketplace in all areas, from large-scale machinery to small-scale prostheses—welcome to the dental market! The accuracy and precision of incorporating a 3D printer, the Trios Scanner, and any x-rays or other dental diagnostic information has been a turning point for dentists and patients alike. Dr. Kerri Hill can customize each device for your dental needs with the click of a mouse and print them in her office. While the 3D printer does not replace the need for our world-renowned cosmetic dental lab artists for full cosmetic dentistry, it does provide a valuable service to create nightguards and simple cases for our patients quickly, efficiently, and with quality. Dr. Kerri Hill’s implant cases, such as all-on-4, all-on-6, or all-on-8, benefit from same-day teeth delivery and precision after surgery.

Intra-Oral Camera

Ever wonder what the heck your dentist is talking about when they’re describing your teeth, such as a cavity on your back molar? Certainly, you can’t see it yourself in the mirror, but our advanced intraoral camera will allow you to see a photo of exactly what we see. It’s a specialized camera designed exclusively for the curves and hard-to-reach places in your mouth to capture what we see in order to share the exact issues that may require treatment.

Vizalight - Oral Cancer Scanner

Did you know that oral cancer (mouth cancer) is the most common form of head and neck cancer? Oral cancer includes cancers of the mouth, tongue, back of the throat, and tissues lining the gums and mouth. It is said that about 50,000 people in the U.S. get oral cancer each year. Dr. Kerri Hill uses a non-invasive, painless, and clinically proven tool called Vizalight Pro Oral Lesion Screening System to examine your oral cavity for abnormalities. An LED light is used to detect any abnormalities. It was engineered to visually identify any abnormalities in the early stages of cancer, lesions, as well as other abnormal tissue formations that may occur.


We use the X-Guide by X-Nav technologies to bring a new level of precision to implant procedures. Dr. Hill uses the X-Guide cone beam 3D imaging device to get a 360-degree view of the procedure site. The X-Guide also assists in guiding and positioning the drill during surgery and controlling the implant's exact position, angle, and depth. This precise guidance allows for optimal implant placement and results in more functional, beautiful, and lasting surgical outcomes.

MicronMapper Photogrammetry

We are proud to offer 3D imaging with MicronMapper to improve the ease and comfort of implant procedures. MicronMapper uses photogrammetry to quickly scan the entire dental arch, providing a highly accurate image in a scanning procedure that does not create unnecessary discomfort for the patient. The MicronMapper is one of the many advanced technologies we use to improve both your results and the ease and comfort of your procedure.

Digital X-Ray

Digital radiography has the distinct advantage of using significantly less radiation than traditional x-rays. Our digital x-ray captures highly accurate digital images to assist with monitoring your oral health and diagnosing dental conditions. We are able to render the image in different views to get a clearer picture of your teeth’s condition. These digital images also assist in precise recordkeeping, allowing us to accurately and efficiently monitor your teeth and any changes over time.

I-Cat Scanner - 360 Scanner

In keeping with our commitment to utilizing the latest and most advanced technologies to support our patients’ dental and endodontic health, we use the I-CAT scanner to assist in dental diagnosis and treatments. The iCat scanner is a dental imaging device that uses cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) to capture precise images of the teeth, roots, and gums. These highly accurate 360-degree scans enable us to provide you with the highest quality of care.

Kerri Hill, DDS, offers a uniquely all-encompassing, patient-focused dental treatment experience in Beverly Hills. The expert behind some of Hollywood’s best smiles, Dr. Hill’s propensity for empathy and meticulous care allow her to make patients’ dreams a reality. Begin building your best smile with a comprehensive consultation at The Art of Dental Wellness.

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